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Owls can turn their heads around like a gazillion degrees to see everywhere, that’s why they’re spooky. And they have big glow-in-the-dark eyes.  And they chow mice and hang out with witches and Harry Potter. Briony Horwitz would make an excellent owl.  At least, this is probably what Jon Keevy was thinking when he decided to cast her as the lead in his one hander about a girl growing up in the Overberg. And while she probably doesn’t spend much time at Hogwarts, she should spend more time on stage. Because she’s quite nice. Briony handles numerous characters with clarity and depth. Her vibrant imagination and deft handling of the image-laden text is enchanting.

We saw Owl at the Intimate Theatre, which is also quite nice. We hope that a Deus Ex Machina saves it from being leveled for a dance studio.

Keevy’s writing is delightful. It is full of punch and flow and sparkle (no not the Terrence Howard Pimp movie). It is insightful and universal and touching and smart. And a bit like coming home to an empty house on a Sunday at dusk, drunk, and seeing a picture from your childhood. But in a good way. This man should be writing more. Or having his writing produced more. Kudos to Keevy for getting his work out there by directing it himself. And a fine job he does too.

The ending was a little abrupt. I felt like my head got bitten off by a silent-ninja-owl; everything went black before I knew it. I hope to see a touch of development here as Owl continues its nocturnal journeys around the country.

Regarding design: They have a couch. It spins around. Need I say more?

Go and check it out at the Kalk Bay Theatre this week, or else catch it on the Cape Town Edge at the National Arts Festival 2012.

We give it 4 Tsars

4 Tsars

Who, who?

Featuring: Briony Horwitz

written & directed by Jon Keevy

choreographed by Fiona Du Plooy

music by Brydon Bolton

At the Kalk Bay Theatre

Monday April 30th & May 2nd 3rd 4th 5th  2012


Suitable for age 15+

R85 [show only] / R165 [show + burger & dessert] / R235 [show + 2 course meal] / R285 [show + 3 course meal]

To book for Owl, click here or visit http://www.kbt.co.za.

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