Special Thanks to Guests from Afar

By Stal Gayheart

So it has been a while since we’ve written anything. There are reasons for this. Many reasons. But the most interesting one is that 3 Way went on a yoga camp and got involved with a pyramid-scheme-self-help-sex-cult.  We had to get a professional in to help him but he’s ok now.  Last night while he was at his support group I went to see Special Thanks to Guest from Afar.  I’m glad I did.

It’s about two friends who haven’t seen each other in jonks (He’s a fag, she’s a breeder.)   They meet up at a wedding in Switzerland and engage in stacks of witty banter and romping.  Although the actors took a while to warm up into it, they eventually found their groove and the play came to life. You’ll be delighted to know that Nicholas Dallas finds the right balance between queen and nerd and Gideon Lombard shone as the Berliner with the ripped torso (and ze great accent vot voss so well done ja).  Chi Mhende was all kinds of brash sexy.

Spagnoletti’s text is well crafted with lots of funny, touching moments.  At times the narrative flow is hindered by some sit-com styled staging.  Alfred Rietman does a bang-up job creating a hotel room that oozes small town European vibes.  The transition from indoor to outdoor space is clever and nicely done. Pretty.

Go and see it. It’s a tickle.

We give it 3 Tsars.

3 Tsars

Should you tschüss to go, here’s the info:

On at the Artcsape Arena from 9 – 20 April at 19:30

Performers: Nicholas Dallas, Gideon Lombard and Chi Mhende

Playwright: Nicholas Spagnoletti
Director: Matthew Wild
Set & lighting design: Alfred Rietmann
Costume design: Angela Nemov

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