The Epicene Butcher and Other Sto­ries for Con­sent­ing Adults is (bu)KAK(i) FUNNY!

By Stal Gayheart

3 Way and I have been frequenting the Alexander Bar incognito for some time now and, as a result, (mostly of the G&T’s) we’ve seen some crazy shit. Also some great theatre.  And by “great” we mean sexy, snazzy, polished, well written, expertly performed, super-cool-like-a-swimming-pool kinda stuff.  The Epicene Butcher etc etc. is all of this and more!  It’s flipping mooi, as a concept, as an audio-visual experience, as a piece of theatre. Jislaaik I nearly kakked myself laughing so hard. 3 Way kept telling me to shutup and behave but I just couldn’t stop laughing. It’s that funny.

The whole thing is based on a 12th Century storytelling tradition from the Land of the Rising Sun. But in English… mostly.  Jemma Kahn and Dylan Esbach (as the hobo-glam Chalk Girl) take you on an adventure the likes of which you’ve never seen before: 7 modern stories told through visual and audio methods in a vokken zany, high energy context.  The simple though highly effective visual presentation of illustrations (the size of a TV, – but not a big flatty) combined with sensitive and evocative storytelling makes this show something of a delight for the senses.  And some of it is naughty too.

You should defs go and see this winner if you’re into Manga, Pokemon, Japanese Punk, Cyber-glam (for the costumes), Zen, Hentai, Cats, Nelson Mandela and free stuff. (We got sweets because we sat in the front row)  Also good for people with ADHD or anyone who misses having stories read to them with pictures shown from the book.

We give it 4 Tsars. And a Hello Kitty sticker.

4 Tsars

Director: John Tren­gove | Writ­er: Gwydion Beynon | Performed by Jemma Kahn & the very sexy Dylan Esbach as ‘Chalk Girl’. | Illus­tra­tions by Jemma Kahn, Car­los Amato & Gwydion Beynon

Running time: 50 minutes. Tickets are 90 bucks.  Goes until Sat 7th December.

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