(Going back for) The Things You Left Behind

By Stal Gayheart & 3 Way Stop

This show was so good we’re gonna see it again. Not just because it won a Standard Bank Silver Ovation award last year at fest, but because it was flipping RAD.

The Things You Left Behind consists of some modern-day storytelling coming at you in the form of 5 monologues from five different characters. There be some simple set design, simple lighting, simple sound, simple form and structure but complex characters and a beautifully woven narrative. It’s poes funny. But it also kicks you in the balls/vag every now and then. And it’ll make you have a feeling. Or lots of feelings actually. Also some thoughts about: life, death, breakups, identity, religion, sex, race, and things you wouldn’t tell your mother. ‘Cause that’s sort of what the story’s about. It’s also about a guy who gets knocked over by a car. But it’s told from the different perspectives of: the only white carguard in Cape Town, a milf in therapy, a flexi-sexual American, a rof paramedic from the other side of the boerewors curtain and a dragqueen from Delft.

McCormick faces a huge challenge in playing two characters that differ wildly in age – she pulls it off like a pair of board shorts at Sandy Bay, revealing the depth, humour and vulnerability of her characters with deft skill.

Potgieter faces an equally challenging task, playing three radically diverse characters, and he nails it. Completely at home on stage, he has moments of sheer brilliance. We particularly enjoyed Delores. The text is, to put it simply, wonderful. It’s a kief new South African script, and if you want to find out why we think so, go and watch it. Now.

Fleur Du Cap winner Kim Kerfoot directs with a subtle, detailed touch, aiding both performers to memorable performances. You’ll leave feeling different. And wanting a bit more. Which is why we’re going back.

We give it 4 Tsars and a glassie Karate Water.

4 Tsars

The things you need to know: 

Directed by: Kim Kerfoot
Written by: Jason Potgieter
Featuring: Alicia McCormick and Jason Potgieter
Sound: Niklas Zimmer

On daily at 1pm at Princess Alice Hall (the sexy Cape Town Edge venue)
It runs until 13 July
Tickets cost R60 or R45
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