Dirty Words is a whole bunch of naughty fun!

By Stal Gayheart and 3 Way Stop

This play made us laugh so hard Stal’s mascara was running and 3 Way may even have weed a little in his pants.

Not only did the writer, Jack Hardcastle, stab us in the funny bone with his rapier wit, he lopped off the entire arm! Presented as a series of dirty sexy sketches, each vignette was incredibly varied in terms of style, flowing into each other and building perfectly to a satisfying climax (write that down).

From internet chat forays with widely varying outcums (haha), to cheesy romance novel parodies, a tutorial in how to talk dirty and some other risky business, Dirty Words satisfies on every level.

McCormick’s comic timing and characterisation is fucking brilliant and she has moments of physical genius, her body becoming a lucky-packet of inspired Bob Fosse-esque comedy.

Esbach moves smoothly between quirky and throwaway in his deft handling of his various roles. His detailed character work and off-the-wall choices in accent hilariously complement McCormick. Together they create something special.

4 Tsars and a giant glow-in-the-dark dildo.

4 TsarsThe Details:
Venue: Dicks
Age Restriction : 18+ LNS
Director : Jon Keevy
Written By : Jack Hardcastle
Featuring: Dylan Esbach & Alicia McCormick
Dates & Times: 6 July 17:00 and 21:00; 7 July 16:30; 10 July 16:30; 11 July 16:30; 12 July 18:30 and 22:30;

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