Got Kraken, Will Travel

By 3 Way Stop

Pirates drink rum. We prefer gluhwein. Especially 12 jars of it after yummy Long-Table entrees and a good show. Specifically Get Kraken! (on the ASSITEJ Family Festival Program) winner of a Standard Bank Ovation Award at last year’s NAF, written by Jon Keevy, directed by Kim Kerfoot, and featuring a bunch of sexy, talented man actors.

So, a fisherman Oupa and his grandson get caught up in the adventure of their lives. Along the way they learn something about submarines, marine ecology and the power of perseverance. Get Kraken! is a family show, for kids but including big kids who drive cars and own houses and have jobs and do sex. And are old enough to have watched Titanic when it came out (Boobs!). It’s physical theatre, but not your usual kind, and I liked that it makes the audience use their imagination in different ways. Everything in the play is created using only the actor’s bodies and voices (okay they do have 4 wooden blocks that they sometimes sit on).

Also, Get Kraken! doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s high energy, testosterone packed, fast-paced comedy with wonderful little asides and clever references for those who get them.

All the actors skilfully portray a menagerie of weird and wacky characters, landscapes, animals and objects. Favourite things: Potgieter’s Igor-esque pirate Squabbie and Acker’s Terminator-Fembot-Ahab, and Mouton’s mini-whale.

Go see this if you like: Moby Dick, anime, China Mieville, robots, The Life Aquatic, Ringo Star, Jules Verne, Cthulu, sticking it to big-fisheries, Treasure Island, Hermanus, Free Willy, cool Bible-stories, using your imagination, The Mariner’s Revenge, inspiring your spawn, or Vodka.

4 Tsars.

4 Tsars

Navigational information:
Venue: Vicky's
Times: 4 July 12:00; 5 July 16:00; 7 July 20:00; 8 July 20:00; 9 July 16:00; 11 July 22:00;   12 July 12:00

Director : Kim Kerfoot
Writer : Jon Keevy
Featuring: Dann-Jacques Mouton, Jason Potgieter, Shaun Acker & Dylan Esbach
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