Undermined: Dof title, kak pun, but a good play nonetheless.

By Stal Gayheart & 3 Way Stop

This is a positive review. It’s in the title. So Undermined avoided the socio-political and historical kak of the mining industry. We’re not saying if that’s a good or a bad thing. Go see it and make up your own mind. But Stal’s mom says “politics se ma se poes”!

It’s physical theatre and it’s tight like a nun, or other tight thing of your choice. With a combo of Isicathulo, Pantsula and assorted other sexy dance moves, and a storytelling style that relies only on body and voice, the three technicolour rainbow representatives weave a tale of small-village-guy missioning for cash and a bridal gown for his fiancé. On his journey he encounters the bewildering metropolis of Egoli (expertly actor-ised), a chorus of sharp-tongued secretaries, a despotic mine boss and some comrades-in-the-making. The vocal work from all three, particularly the singing, was excellent. These guys can harmonize.

Direction was strong. Ms. Notcutt works across differing styles and genres. And she does it well.

We totes loved the motivated lighting in the form of head lamps, and Erasmus’s detailed mime work, idiosyncrasies and cheeky asides.

It gets 3 tsars and some Marmite.


Word on the ground:
Venue: Princess Alice Hall
Dates & Times: 10am daily
Tickets: R70
Director : Tara Notcutt
Written By : Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi & Luke Brown
Featured Artists : Nhlanhla Mavundla, Luke Brown & Stefan Erasmus
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1 Response to Undermined: Dof title, kak pun, but a good play nonetheless.

  1. Simon Cooper says:

    Dof heading pic, kak pun of a name but lekker review – thanks, glad you liked it. Simon Cooper, KBT Productions [Co-Producer]

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