Last Rounds is Kiff

By Stal Gayheart and 3 Way Stop

So we’re in the Wendy-House (otherwise known as Chateaux du PonyRoach) and we’re feeding Nik Naks to Seksie, 3 Way’s goldfish (we couldn’t find a pet-sitter in Cape Town, so we brought her along). Stal’s pick-up from the Rat and Parrot last night is passed out on the camping cot, and the Wendy-House is fucking cold. Draped in blankets, huddled around the Cadac, we’re discussing Last Rounds over some Hair of the Dog. What comes to mind first for both of us is the soundtrack

Stal: Well, it’s more of a score, really. If one is into tunes from the 80s or the 90s, one will definitely vibe with this shit.

3 Way: One will indeed, my lord. Though at times it felt like the performer and the score were vying for attention.

Stal: What’s her name again?

3 Way: Rebecca Makin-Taylor

Stal: Those were awesome boots

3 Way: Awesome boobs?

Stal: BOOTS you tit.

3 Way: Hot. Like the rest of her cossie, but I was a tad befuddled as to why there were so many feathers on the floor when none were missing from her wings.

Stal: Design Dahling. I thought her performance was strong, motivated, subtle and nuanced, she accessed the style well.

3 Way: And that chick sure can dance.

Stal: Who wrote it?

3 Way: Notcutt

Stal: Didn’t she also direct it?

3 Way: Yup.

Stal: Hmmm. Impressive. And?

3 Way: She pulled it off. The text was casual and conversational, which meant it didn’t lag. There were some structural anomalies though.

Stal: Shit, big words for this time of the morning.

3 Way: Drink your Jolly-Juice.

Stal: I liked the story… Drunk girl in a bar talking about party-busses, sexy men in leather jackets and kissing – you know, romantic shit.

3 Way: Yah, it knocked the audience over the head like a papsak on a Thursday afternoon.

Stal: They laughed a lot.

3 Way: How many Tsars?

Stal: 3 and a half. And a hug.

3 Way: Dude, it looks like your bang is waking up.

Stal: Shit, I’m probably going to have to make him breakfast.

3 Way: I’ll put the skottle on.


3 and a Half Tsars

Venue: Princess Alice Hall (the Cape Town Edge venue)
Dates and times: Duration of fest at 7PM daily.
Written and Directed by: Tara Notcutt
Featuring: Rebecca Makin-Taylor
Tickets: R55 / R40 / R45

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