About the Reviewers

3 Way Stop Portfolio shot 1

3 Way Stop poses for you, sexy reader.

3 Way Stop is a confrontational poes who smokes like the Revolution (industrial one).  He enjoys walking old ladies across the street and sometimes gets wasabi flashbacks.

Most used phrase: “Don’t look at me like I’m failing”

Favourite colour:  Azerbaijan.

Dress aesthetic: Stalinist-Rouge-Dandy

Poison of choice: Meths.

Is currently reading: The Exploded View

Hobbies:  Yo-yo, stalking.

Currently listening to: Static X

Fantasy vacation:  Sweat tent in the Gobi Desert.

Stal Gayheart Portfolio Shot 1

Stal Gayheart says Woof to you, naughty reader.

Stal Gayheart is a selfish lover who has a thing for stationary. He really wants to be a werewolf.

Most used phrase: “But does it come with pickles?.”

Favourite colour:  Acid Yellow

Dress aesthetic: Hermanus-Gigolo.

Poison of choice: Jollyjuice.

Currently reading: Who Moved My Cheese?

Hobbies:  Power-walking, archery, metaphors.

Is currently listening to: Tricky

Fantasy vacation:  Singles cruise in the Bermuda Triangle.


5 Responses to About the Reviewers

  1. moffie says:

    you chaps are wonderful

  2. Still Intact says:

    You guys are actually just too cool.
    Please write more.
    Theatre needs it.
    Thank you.
    Queen Still Intact

  3. Zanne Solomon says:

    Hi. I want to invite you to a press preview we’re having for our play… Do you have an email address I can send the invite to?

    • Dear Zanne

      What a lovely name you have. We especially like it if you put a “la” before it. Yummy! Thanks for your invitation but we don’t do review evenings. Nor opening nights. Both of these things make us want to drink excessively. Which is not a bad thing actually, but 3 Way has strict instructions from his mom and I have those pesky social phobias (plural, yes)

      But who knows? We might just come and see it anyway. Thanks for making theatre.
      Peace and Hippies,
      The Ponyroachers.

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